You Know These Trees

You know these trees. You’ve probably driven by them many times, seen kids sitting on the bench between them eating their lunch or just hanging out. Or if you grew up in Chico perhaps you remember sitting on that bench yourself. Well, these heritage trees are scheduled to be cut down to make way for a new science building – right there, where our old tree-friends now stand. And it isn’t just sentiment that argues for the preservation of these trees. We live in a world threatened with the disastrous consequences of rising temperatures where every living tree counts. But the removal of the schoolyard trees is not a done deal yet. There are other options for the building site. The science building is on this week’s agenda for the Chico Unified School District’s meeting. If you have fond memories of these trees, or if your kids like them, if you think trees are essential for our survival, or, if like me, you just don’t want to lose more of our heritage trees, then please do one of the following:

1.  Attend the CUSD meeting on Wed., 12/17, 6:00pm at the City Council chambers, 4th and Main in Chico and speak up for the trees. It’s item 12.2.1 on the agenda.

 2. Call the School Superintendent and say you don’t want to loose those trees: 891-3000

 3. Call or e-mail the Facilities manager, Maria Campos, 891-3209,

 4. E-mail the School Board members: