Gratitude for young activists

For several years now, I’ve longed for a group of younger environmental and social justice advocates to come along and start filling in for we older activists. And now that it’s finally happening I wish to express my gratitude for these intelligent, kind and deeply motivated young people. They have taken on the difficult task of organizing against the foothill sprawl development known locally as Valley’s Edge through the grass roots Referendum process.

Gathering the signatures necessary for a Referendum Petition to stop Valley’s Edge involves the tremendous task of getting 8,000 Chico voters to sign the petition. But if anyone doubted these young activists’ determination to succeed, they need only watch them organize hundreds of volunteer signature gatherers, young and old, to help spread the word against Valley’s Edge and get people to sign the petition all over Chico.

We older folks need to align ourselves with the work of these young people who organize, not just for their own future benefit, but because they care deeply about the environment and the other creatures with whom we humans share this beautiful planet, Earth.

So – thank you dear young people for all your hard work.

Bryce Goldstein, Chico City Planning Commissioner, voted NO on approving Valley’s Edge sprawl development.


Addison Winslow, elected to the Chico City Council, Dec.2022, was the lone NO vote against Valley’s Edge sprawl development.


Jared Geiser, Project Assistant for Altacal Audubon and environmental spokesperson for the Referendum Petition against Valley’s Edge sprawl development.


Maggie Scarpa, Housing Policy Analyst for HCD, collects signatures for the Referendum Petition against Valley’s Edge sprawl development at the Chico Sat. Farmers’ Market.


Kim Michl, environmental poet and Volunteer Coordinator for the Referendum Petition against Valley’s Edge sprawl development.


Bridget Blair, campaign manager for Addison Winslow, environmental sociologist and educator and organizer for the Referendum Petition against the Valley’s Edge sprawl development. 

I dedicate this old (Bob Dylan) song to you, who have given it new meaning:


For more info about Valley’s Edge go to: