To: Chico School Board, Re: Pin Oaks and the Science Building

Dear School Board members,

I know the Pin Oak trees on the Chico Jr. High campus (see photo below).  I ride my bike past them just about everyday.  They’re part of our neighborhood.  I’ve seen kids sitting on the benches between the trees eating their lunch or just hanging out.  Maybe, if you grew up in Chico like a friend of mine told me, you remember sitting on that bench yourself as a young student.  But it isn’t just sentiment that argues for the preservation of these trees.  We live in a world threatened with the disastrous consequences of rising temperatures where every living, green-house gas sequestering tree counts.  I’m sure we, as a community, can come up with an alternative site for the science building instead of where these old schoolyard tree-friends now stand. Perhaps the trees could be incorporated into the site plan.  For example, the building could be constructed with a courtyard landscape that includes the trees. 

If you haven’t seen the trees up-close please check them out (see photo below).  Their size makes them “heritage trees.” My husband and I measured them.  The tree with the umbrella beside it is about 37 inches in diameter.  The tree with multiple trunks, is about 48 inches in diameter.  They’re really nice big examples of the Pin Oak variety. 

I think a new science building is a wonderful idea for the students at Chico Jr. High. And the natural history of the oaks could be one of their first science projects.  Please build the building and spare the trees.

Thank you for considering my comments.


Karen Laslo

Pin Oaks at Chico Jr. High

Pin Oaks at Chico Jr. High