The “No Man” and the Tea Party Candidate

Hey Butte County Supervisor District 2 people – don’t forget Larry Wahl voted “no” to banning fracking in Butte County. It’s time for the “No Man” to go.

Larry Wahl voted to not ban fracking in Butte County

But District 2 voters have another choice, they can vote for DEBRA LUCERO. She promises to collaborate, not argue. She can say yes as well as no. Lucero says, “We need leaders who are energetic problem solvers who will seek common ground with political colleagues. We need more collaboration to serve the people of Butte County in an effective and fiscally responsible way.

Debra Lucero, see her website at

Once a Tea Party candidate, always a Tea Party candidate. Bob Evans may have slimmed down a bit and is, in general, a nice guy, but he’s still the same old conservative Republican he once was when he spoke at the Chico Tea Party rally in 2010. Now he’s running for Butte County Supervisor, District 3. At the League of Women Voters forum he said his top priority is “public safety” and like most conservative Republicans these days that’s a euphemism for more cops, or in this case, more sheriffs.

Bob Evans at Tea Party Rally, 2010, Chico city plaza.

In contrast, Tami Ritter, also a candidate for District 3, in the wake of the Oroville Dam scare, spoke of how important it is for public safety to have an official Butte County “Disaster Plan.” Ritter has been endorsed by the popular and retiring current District 3 Supervisor, Maureen Kirk. Ritter’s website says she has “served as an Associate Board member for Community Housing Improvement Program for the past 17 years. She is an avid supporter of the Butte Environmental Council, AquAlliance, Crisis Care Advocacy & Triage, Chico Peace and Justice Center, NSPR, Friends of the Library, and the Chico Housing Action Team. In her spare time, Tami also volunteers for the nonprofit she co-founded, Circles of Justice, teaching Restorative Practices to educators, administrators, teachers, and parents.”

Tami Ritter at the LWV forum, 2018.

Tami Ritter, at the student lead “March 4 Our Lives, 2018.”











Even A Kind Heart Can Deceive

By Karen Laslo and Lin Jensen

Dr. Lesa Johnson’s talk Sunday night at the 36th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Community Celebration held in the sanctuary of Trinity United Methodist Church was titled “A Kind-hearted Deceit.” And its message may well have caused many of those present to squirm uncomfortably in their church pew seats, especially the white folks. In her talk, Johnson told the racially diverse audience to look deep into their own hearts and to question what they’ve done to alleviate the suffering of not just black people but all people of color. Again and again, she hammered home the point that it isn’t enough to simply be against racial injustice no matter how genuinely wholehearted your commitment to fairness and racial inclusion. Just having the right thoughts will make no real difference. Instead, you must first listen attentively to those among you who most suffer the injustice, for they alone can tell you what’s needed and what actions you can undertake. And then you must act; complacency will never effect change. Professor Johnson left no doubt that without a genuine understanding of the nature of the suffering and without actually doing something to alleviate the suffering, you are simply engaging in a “kind-hearted deceit.”

CSUC Sociology Professor Lesa Johnson.


Co-hosts, Kesha and Pastor Vince Haynie, Rhema Word of Faith.


Black National Anthem, all sing, led by Cara Lamumba.


MLK Community Celebration dinner in the church Social Hall.