Bernie Sanders In Chico

I attended the Bernie Sanders rally on Thursday.  Below are some of the photos I got of Bernie and the people who stood for hours in the 96 degree heat to see him and  hear what he had to say.  What will the future be like for these young people, for all of us, if Bernie doesn’t get the Democratic nomination?  If he gets nominated, I feel sure he’ll be our next president.  Bernie isn’t giving up and neither should we.








Thanks, Bill, for saving my place in the line.

Thanks, Bill, for saving a place in the line for me.













Pancakes for Peace Poem


_MG_5762 “Flippers” and


butter and


real maple syrup,

and coffee with cream.

"Flipper" Peter Ratner

“Flipper” Peter Ratner


Pancakes for Peace?

Maybe next year,

(why not dream big?)

when we gather again,

we’ll have pancakes and peace

with nothing to fear,

nothing to dread –

"Flitter" Andy Holcombe

“Flitter” Andy Holcombe

no wars, no foes –

just peace

and justice for all.

‘Till then

I’ll hold in my head

a morning’s vision

of plum blossoms,

pear blossoms,

Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt

cute kids with baskets

hunting for eggs.

A gentle,


Easter day scene.

 And, oh, those pancakes –

Pancakes for Peace, March 27th, 8:00am - 1:00pm @ CARD Center

Pancakes for Peace, March 27th, 8:00am – 1:00pm @ CARD Center

I’ll never forget,

the best on Earth –

I’ll make you a bet!

             Karen Laslo