Good News! “Wisdom and Peace Prevail!”

I heard on the news this morning that Obama stopped all drone attacks. And that George W. Bush sorrowfully apologized for all the people that were killed in his war on Iraq. And Obama promised to halt U.S. involvement in all present wars. That all the leaders of developed nations, including the U.S.,  promised to stop using their $$ for wars and weapons but instead to use the $$ to provide food, shelter, healthcare, education and jobs for all their people and that no one would ever be poor or hungry again.


50th anniversary of Chico Peace Vigil, 3rd and Main Sts.

_MG_0878 50yrsPeaceVigil

50th Anniversary of Chico Peace Vigil

And Corporate CEO’s woke up to the fact that our Earth is dying and asked all the peoples of this beautiful Planet to forgive them (which we did) and vowed to immediately stop spewing more CO2 into the Earth’s atmosphere and to stop all their other greedy and polluting behaviors and donated all their money to developing alternative and sustainable energy sources.


Grand Canyon, North Rim

Mt. Whitney, Sierra Nevada mountains

Mt. Whitney, Sierra Nevada mountains

And, finally, that all the Earth’s people began to live together in peace and harmony, respecting each others ways and beliefs without trying to foist their ways and beliefs on to anyone else.  Wow!  Isn’t that great news?!

Alas, sorry to say:   APRIL FOOLS!