Kiwi Vine Visible Again

Kiwi Vine Visible Again

Friends of Bidwell Park, modest group that they are, let their ten- year anniversary pass-by without recognition.   So I want to publicly acknowledge and thank them for all the good work they’ve done, especially their work of removing invasive, non-native plants in Bidwell Park.  Almost daily, one can see Susan Mason, volunteer coordinator for FOBP, busy at this essential task.

Susan Mason

Susan Mason

Look at what Susan and her volunteers have done, uncovering this beautiful old Kiwi vine at One-Mile from beneath a smothering layer of 19 invasive plants such as mock orange, privet, ivy and hackberry.  An older park visitor, seeing the newly exposed Kiwi vine, remembers picking Kiwi from it when he was just a boy.

If you appreciate the work that Friends of Bidwell Park do to preserve our park’s natural resources, please thank them with a donation in their name to the annual “Annie B” fundraiser sponsored by the North Valley Community Foundation this August and September.

North Valley Community Foundation:

Kiwi fruit

Bidwell Park Kiwi Vine fruit

Kiwi vine

Bidwell Park Kiwi Vine has beautiful leaves

Old Kiwi vine trunk

Old Bidwell Park Kiwi Vine trunk