Sisko Says: “NEFR Forget!”

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Bob Speer’s fine article in this week’s News and Review reminded me of my own chronicles of “Sisko’s” adventures.  On a cold and rainy day-before-Valentine’s-Day, 2009, artist David Sisk, the creator of Sisko, and a few of his “volunteers” met at the same vacant lot in Bob’s article, next to the used bookstore, to post David’s whimsical idea of a Valentine’s Day greeting to the Chico community.

David Sisk at Upper Crust planning his Valentine's Day caper.

David Sisk at Upper Crust plotting his Valentine’s Day caper.

The "Volunteers"

Hoisting Sisko on to the pole.

Almost done.

Almost done.


Good work guys!

Good work guys!

This is a photo of an original painting by David that some of my dear friends gave me for my birthday. The painting was done in support of NEFR, the acronym for Neighbors for Environmental and Fiscal Responsibility.  Several years ago, the NEFRs, a small group of south Chico citizens, successfully saved their neighborhood and Comanche Creek from environmental degradation and saved the people of Chico from having to pay for a private entrance to an industrial park development.  David’s contribution to the cause depicts Sisko dancing happily in Comanche Creek along with the wildlife whose home was preserved by the NEFRs.

"NEFR Forget!" by David Sisk

“NEFR Forget!” by David Sisk

Lin Jensen contemplates David Sisk’s “Mayfly Convention” billboard on Broadway in Chico.

"Mayfly Convention"

“Mayfly Convention”

Recently, I  ran into David at One Mile in Bidwell Park with his latest idea for a billboard.  I like it a lot.  Go for it Sisko!