Mourners gather in remembrance of murdered homeless man.

Despite the 100 degree weather, about 80 homeless sympathizers gathered in front of the Chico City Council chambers last night to hold a vigil for Steven Van Zandt, a homeless man who was camping at Tiechert Ponds along with many other homeless people. Van Zandt, 51 years old, a former chef, father and grandfather, was shot about 2:00a.m. Saturday morning by unknown vigilantes and probably bled to death waiting for an ambulance to arrive. Another homeless man, known to his fellow campers only as “Segue,” was also shot but survived and is at Enloe Hospital.


Mourners gather in front of city council chambers.

Vigil participants send strong message to City Council.


Message to CPD.


Another message to CPD.


It’s believed that the killers were teenagers.

Mourner bows her head during group’s moment of silence for the slain man.

Steven Van Zandt – homeless at the time of his death. Former chef (on right), father and grandfather. “May Steven rest in peace.”