Hey Voters – Get informed tonight! Butte County Supes. Forum

Tonight, 6:30, at Pleasant Valley Jr. High School Multipurpose Room, the League of Women Voters will hold their Butte County Supervisor candidates forum for Districts 2 and 3.  Debra Lucero will debate incumbent Larry Wahl for Dist. 2.  Tami Ritter will debate Bob Evans and Norm Rosene (photo not available) for Dist. 3.

Bob Evans at Tea Party Rally, 2010, city plaza, is a current candidate for Butte County Supervisor Dist. 3, presently held my Maureen Kirk.


Tami Ritter, at the student led Chico March 4 Our Lives, is a current candidate for  Butte County Supervisor Dist. 3.  Ritter has been endorsed by Maureen Kirk, current but retiring Dist. 3 Supervisor.  https://ritterforsupervisor.com/


Larry Wahl, incumbent and current candidate for Butte County Supervisor Dist. 2. Voted AGAINST an ordinance that would have banned natural gas “Fracking” in Butte County.

Local voter, Mike Hawkins, protests the 2011 Butte County redistricting map for Dist. 2.

Debra Lucero, current candidate for Butte County Supervisor, Dist. 2. https://debralucero.us/biography


Please vote June 5t.  Our local democracy depends on your vote!