Gilkyson and Gerber Get New Fan

When I heard that KZFR was sponsoring a concert at the Chico Women’s Club last Friday night, featuring Eliza Gilkyson along with Nina Gerber, I’d never heard Eliza Gilkyson’s music before.  But I got interested when I learned that she played acoustic folk music and was nominated for a Grammy Award.  And when a friend told me that Nina Gerber was going to accompany Eliza on guitar and that she had played with Kate Wolf’s band I thought, “I’m going!”

Being a photographer, I took photos of the two women, Eliza Gilkyson in color, thereby capturing something of the warmth of her voice and lyrics, and Nina Gerber in black and white because I thought the neutral colors would better show the intensity of her concentration on the guitar – the combination resulting in a sound that can never be adequately duplicated.

The song I liked best was Fast Freight by Eliza’s father, singer and songwriter, Terry Gilkyson. Perhaps I gravitate toward train sounds because I grew up adjacent to a San Fernando Valley railroad track or because of the long railroad journeys to Denver for summer vacations.  Now, in Chico, I hear the distant sound of a late-night train as it passes through town telling me, “If you go you can’t come back.”

Nina Gerber and Eliza Gilkyson

Nina Gerber (left) and Eliza Gilkyson


Eliza Gilkyson

Eliza Gilkyson





Nina Gerber

Nina Gerber



Nina playing “bottle neck” slide.




Nina and her dot, Tootsie.

Nina and her dog, Tootsie.