Inmate and Egg Have Same Goals

Humpty Dumpty, of Caper Acres and Angelia McAlpin, a prison inmate of Butte County Jail, have the same goals: to start their lives over from an unfortunate past.

For Dumpty, McAlpin is the person who’ll restore his face and character and give him a new “life” deserving the love of Chico’s kids. And for McAlpin, painting Dumpty’s new face could be just the start she needs to demonstrate to the people of Chico that she’s a capable, talented and responsible person, deserving of a second chance.

Angelia McAlpin is doing a 5 year prison term for a non-violent crime. If all goes well, McAlpin should be released in August of this year. McAlpin has a degree in Graphic Art Design from Arizona State University, and when she’s released, she’d like to stay here in Chico and get a job as a graphic artist. But, knowing that many businesses won’t hire a “felon,” McAlpin realizes she might not get a job as an artist right away. This is where Dumpty can help her: If the people of Chico (especially the kids) like the “face job” she does on him, then maybe she’ll get the start she needs.

Over time, Dumpty’s face paint has been scarred and chipped. And it’s been said that some of the kids visiting Caper Acers found Dumpty’s old face a little “creepy and scary.” McAlpin’s artistic plan is to give Dumpty a face that’s a “cross between Alice In Wonderland and the Humpty Dumpty Mother Goose Rhyme.”

McAlpin says she wants to dedicate Mr. Dumpty’s new beginning, and her’s as well, to Deputy Sherriff Robert Jackson, who died recently in an auto accident. An artist himself, Deputy Jackson encouraged McAlpin to keep up with her artwork. “He believed in me. People need someone to encourage them and believe in them.”

Maybe “All the King’s horses and all the King’s men” only needed Angelia McAlpin to put Humpty Dumpty together again.

McAlpin  finishes Dumpty's socks.

Angelia finishes H.D.’s socks.

Dumpty's new face takes shape.

H.D.’s  new face takes shape.

Good work Angelia!  :)

Good work Angelia!