KZFR Spring Membership Drive

Hey everybody – don’t forget to make your pledge during KZFR’s Spring Membership Drive this week.

KZFR Sign/Waterland-Breslaur Building

KZFR Sign/Waterland-Breslaur Building

I’ll be answering the phones on Friday, April 5th from 11:00am to 1:00pm, so call in (895-0131) and talk to me. Your generous contribution will help to keep folks like these on the air:

Amy Goodman, "Democracy Now!"

Amy Goodman, “Democracy Now!”

 Diane Suzuki, "One World Music"

Diane Suzuki, “One World Music”

 KozMc Kev, "Bohemian Express"

KozMc Kev, “Bohemian Express”

Laurie Niles, "2-Penny Opera"

Laurie Niles, “2-Penny Opera”

 DJ Spenny, "Wax On"

DJ Spenny, “Wax On”

 Laurel Yorks, "Peace and Social Justice"

Laurel Yorks, “Peace and Social Justice”