Christmas 2012

Unlike last Christmas, this morning’s Christmas walk in Bidwell Park was gray and drizzling.

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

No matter. Rain or shine, something beautiful or interesting is always likely to show up in the Park. “Beautiful” like that of the creek running swift through Sycamore Pool and plunging over the One Mile dam.

One Mile Dam

One Mile Dam

Or “interesting” like the young man showing up this morning in a wetsuit and carrying a surfboard.  I watched him step into the freezing water and start paddling around the pool. I thought if he surfs over the edge of the dam, I’ll have the photo of the year.  But he was an experienced surfer, up here from Mexico visiting family and knew better than to venture too close to the dam.  He said except for his hands he wasn’t cold at all.  Being a surfer, I guess he couldn’t miss out on a day in the water.

Sycamore Pool and Surfer

Sycamore Pool and Surfer

Later, I went down to the Shalom Free Clinic Thrift Store with a bag of “goodies.”  Nancy and her crew of “intern-elves” were busy making breakfast for the homeless.  I hung around for a little while and then came back home to my nice dry, warm house, with expectations of having a delicious Christmas dinner with my husband.  It hurt to think of those who couldn’t go home to a warm, dry house, and I knew that but for good fortune, I could well be one of them. May I always keep an open heart for those in need.

Christmas Breakfast

Christmas Breakfast

2 thoughts on “Christmas 2012

  1. I am really enjoying your blog. Wonderful stories! I don’t get a prompt when you reply on here, though, so didn’t see your comments to me the other day. Sorry.

    • Thanks again Sharon. It’s good to know someone is actually reading my blog. About the comments – I’ll have to check on that. I’m still learning how this works. Thanks for letting me know.
      Karen 🙂

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