Valley Oak Nursery Threatened

Okay folks, PG&E chainsaws are coming our way!

Heritage Tree gone forever.

Oroville Heritage Tree gone forever, thanks to PG&E.

If you want to save some Chico trees from the same fate that befell 240 Oroville trees, then please attend this important meeting:

Park Commission meeting, Monday, Aug. 31st., 6:30PM, Chico City Council Chambers, 4th and Main.

The area where PG& E wants to cut down a bunch of trees is a veritable native Valley Oak nursery. It’s near Comanche Creek Greenway and should be included in the Greenway. (It’s located at the corner of the Midway and Hagen Lane.)


A nice path walking path already exists there.

A nice pathway already exists there.


Small Valley Oaks will be damaged or torn out.

Small Valley Oaks will be damaged or torn out.

Hundreds of little oaks will be run over and squished if PG&E is allowed to go in there with their huge equipment and cut down the larger, mature Valley Oaks.

PG&E equipment

PG&E equipment.

Save Our Chico Trees!

Mature Valley Oaks could be cut down by PG&E.

These mature Valley Oaks could be cut down.

WEATHER REPORT: “This is really strange and unusual weather we’re having. But it has nothing to do with climate change!”

Curious about what those “Climate Change deniers” are up to these days? Or want to keep yourself informed on the latest scientific news of what’s in store for our communal, one-of-a kind, dear planet Earth and its in habitants? Then you won’t want to miss this event.

The Esplanade.  Sidewalks and the street disappear under water as a flash storm dumps several inches of rain in about 1 hour.

On the Esplanade in Chico, sidewalks and the street disappear under water as a flash storm dumps several inches of rain in about 1 hour.  Sept. 2010


“Big” Chico Creek shrinks down to a few inches deep in Bidwell Park, as seen from the Cedar Gove bridge, May 2015

On Friday, June 5th, KZFR and Butte Environmental Council will present Bill McKibben, author, honored environmental activist and climate change expert. In 2014, Bill McKibben received the Right Livelihood Prize, sometimes called the “alternative Nobel.” He’s a founder of, the first planet-wide, grassroots climate change movement, which has organized twenty thousand rallies around the world.  He also headed the resistance to the Keystone Pipeline and started the fast-growing fossil fuel divestment movement.

The title of Mr. McKibben’s talk is “Updates from the Front Lines of the Climate Fight .”

For more info. and tickets (only $15.00!) check out these links:

Chico Paper Company also has tickets. Phone# 891-0900

P.S. I’m honored to be able to show some of my photos before Mr. McKibben gives his talk. The theme of my display will be “What We Stand to Lose.”  Local environmental groups will also be present.